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My first week at the job: What I learned?

This post is dedicated to the 2013 Graduates, especially at  New York University College of Dentistry   It was a Wednesday after I graduated. I was all in a nice and cozy mood, relaxing waiting for  my dental license to come in. I did have the job and obviously without the license I could not start working. Finally I got my dental license. I was still planning to when to start and suddenly, my employer told me to start working from Monday. I know I wanted to start but may be I was not mentally prepared.  I was scared and excited both and within no time the rest of the week passed away.    It was a wonderful experience. The staff was inviting.   Assistants and other staff start with a blank slate with no impression of you. What I learned from the whole process of starting a new job is what I am talking about. This first week is the time when you make or break your relationship with the...

If YOU EAT, YOU BRUSH": Real Experience: Giving Hope

If YOU EAT YOU BRUSH: Story THIS patient I saw suffering from Cancer and of course its treatment with one of my favorite Hygienists at the practice. The patient seems to have lost his weight drastically.  How did I know? I saw his pants. They were huge in size with belt. New holes seems to have been created in the belt. Did I say the belt was creased.. well guess what Cachexia means? losing weight in Cancer or any such debilitating disease. I asked him what he would like to do with his teeth with cavities? He replied”I don’t care!!” I courteously asked why would that be? He said, “he does not care about his teeth at all. He confessed that he does not even brush.  He is not left with much time before he is gone. (die).” He did not seem to have any motivation or hope for his life forget about his teeth.  But somehow I had seen some hope… He was...

OMG Microscope: POD

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  New Picture of The Day Posted   Visit the Picture of the day: OMG microscope showing Mitosis: Metaphase    Click here for the awesome pic  

Life is ONLY those little things..

Pic Courtesy: Life of Pi I believe Life HAS ONLY so much to offer.  You just have to find fun and happiness in all the little things that you do. Life needs ambitions for you to be successful and move to the next level.  Work honestly with all the energies.  Focus on where you want to be eventually.  But all that needs is patience  and a clear goal of what ever you want to achieve in your life.  Taking one correct step at a time and stepping forward can give you that foundation of success. Appreciate each successive step.  Be Vigilant for each mistake that you do or did.  Correct it immediately. Get happy for each little success.  Enjoy the smallest thing in life because  Life has only so much to offer…  except those little things!!...

Employment Contracts: What is a fair deal?

During my career as a clinician I worked for clinic owners and then had dentists work for me when I became an owner. The business and working relationship between Principal (employer) and Employee is not always a happy one. A Principal will engage an Associate when their clinic becomes so successful and busy that they can no longer cope with the number of patients. The business relationship must be set out very clearly in a written legal contract that both parties enter into freely, and where neither party feels that they are being treated unfairly. An Associate without a contract has little redress if monies are unpaid or if the Principal wants to terminate their employment in a hurry. By the same token, a Principal without an agreement in place has little redress if the Associate decides not to come to work one day. The Principal also has to try to protect their business from the...

DentAbroad Thanks DSWAI: Collaboration

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DentAbroad Previously popular as MedAbroad did present this Slideshow at DSWAI. [slideshare id=15892864&doc=medabroaddswai-130107151552-phpapp02]

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