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ECE: 5-Steps to ECE Evaluation

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I visited many places for a Perfect ECE Evaluation and I found none. ECE is a very crucial first step in applying for DDS program in US. So, I worked harder so that you don’t have to really work that hard!! I have attached screenshots for ECE Evaluation. Please click them and see how I have filled in each page.

Good thing about this process

  • You don’t have to finish this application in one sitting. You can always save your application and log in using the access code you get after your step 1.

Bad Thing:

  • You can nnot finish the application online entirely.You will need a printer at the time of finishing the application to print the application and send it to ECE. Please follow screenshots for step by step instructions.

Screenshots are filled fully to guide you. You can enlarge them by clicking on them and see exactly how to fill the application.

Lets Begin::
First go to

click start your evaluation

After you click Start Your Evaluation you will see


Click United States and Read the Documents you need to send to ECE.
You need to send all these documents in an envelope along with completing these online steps and taking a print out of this final application.

Click Start new Application>>> Apply Now and you would see the image below

  • Please note the access code on this page. You will use this code to log in again on ECE so finish your application just in case you are not able to finish in one sitting.

Click continue after you fill in all your personal details then follow step 2
This step is important.

Step 2 Customise your application
Click Course-By-Course $135

Check how quickly you want the report. if you dont want it too early then dont select anything , else select 1day 5days or 12 business days depending ion your requirement

then click Report Copies (this will tell ECE how you want the report!!)

I would choose the second option and send a copy to ADA and get one copy free. Additiuonal copues can also be sent to the other universities if you are sure where you want to send the report to. I would send it to BU and NYU!!

Two copies of the evaluation report are included in the report fee. Additional copies requested with the initial application cost $10 each. An unofficial faxed copy of your evaluation report is available at a cost of $10. Courier delivery has an additional fee of $35 (U.S. & Canada) and $50 (International).

1st option: Mail both copies of the evaluation report to the applicant’s address. Additional copies can be ordered for a fee of $10 each.
(Choose this if you want all report copies to go the applicant address.)
2nd option: Mail one copy of the evaluation report to the applicant’s mailing address, and one copy to another address you will enter below. Additional copies can be ordered for a fee of $10 each.
(Choose this if you want report copies to go to both the applicant address and another remote address

Once you choose the second choice then you will find ENTER OR CHANGE THE MAILING ADDRESS. Click that and add the address in the new window that pops!! Get all the addresses from the respective universities!!

Keep on adding all the names of all the universities and also American Dental Association according to your choice. (I have added TWO names NYU and BU, Verify addresses!!)

Click Continue>>>>

Step 3 purpose of education

Further Education Check the Screenshot

Step 4: Educational History

Click Enter or Change Educational History
A window pops out.. simply enter your previous Dental Education background

Check (after reading) I have read and understand the required documents for this evaluation.

Check (after reading) I have read and understand the terms and conditions for this evaluation.

Click Continue

Step 5 Complete your application

Finally Print your application

Now, Finally, You need to send all the documents you read in step 2 in an envelope along with completing these online steps and taking a print out of this final application. (See the documents that I sent at this link)


Payment must be made in U.S. dollars by money order, check or Visa or MasterCard. If the money order or check is issued by a bank outside of the U.S., it must contain the printed name of the U.S. bank with which the bank is affiliated. A $40 fee will be charged for all returned checks. We cannot accept bank drafts or cash. All fees are subject to change without notice.
I have tried to include everything in order. Please see this as a guide. I have had positive results 95% of the time doing this way. ECE may demand more info from you and they reserve all the rights!!
Help N Be Helped


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